About Us

Why Choose Us?


All our attorneys are fully qualified in the DUI law and procedure. It is our great experience that makes us stand out from all other DUI lawyers.

Local Presence

Out footprint is matchless and it helps us serve clients conveniently across the state. We have strong relationships in the courthouse which is of added benefit.


Our commitment and experience of details is shown in the results. Our successful results are the consequence of our concentration on details specific cases.

About Us

Having been trained formally, we know how DA will attack your case exactly and look for a conviction. We make use of our knowledge of their vulnerabilities and weaknesses to get outcomes that would be otherwise impossible to attain. We are client-focused and results-oriented. In our industry, wins counts. And nobody has a high win rate than us. A few clients ask why the case takes so much long and my reply is the same always – the case isn’t over until we’ve reached absolute best result possible.

Being accused of a DUI can be devastating for anyone. The arrest can cause damage to an individual’s career and educational opportunities, even when the charges are dropped ultimately.

From the instant you’re accused of a DUI, all actions you take have serious consequences. It’s imperative to know your rights after investigation starts including the rights to stay silent and rights to have a lawyer assist you at each step of the DUI case. Our lawyers can start your defense today.

Our experienced DUI lawyers can assist you to navigate the complicated DUI system. Let our lawyers assist you fight DUI charges.

Defending You On Every Step

Our DUI lawyers are there to fight to protect our clients charged with a felony, DUI and misdemeanour offenses. Our committed lawyers fight each stage of your case including:

  • Earliest investigation stage before the arrest.
  • Emergency bond hearing following the arrest.
  • At arraignment and during the pre-trial status conference

We protect your abilities to drive. The DUI charges can lead to long driver license suspensions, on the first DUI. We’ve the ability to expand your driver license and to keep you on roads. We fight your DMV case aggressively to protect your driving license. In order to fight and to prevent DMV suspension, it’s critical to act quickly so you don’t miss the deadlines to demand the hearings. Once it’s missed, DMV will suspend your license automatically. It is regarding who you know.

Knowing the judges, supervisors and prosecutors in the DA office is an unbelievable tool we use to get the outcomes our clients deserve really. Having earned their trust and respect, they know that we mean whatever we say and we’ll back it all up with actions to defend all our clients.