DUI Process

If you have been charged with DUI of drugs or alcohol, you might be thinking what is next, regardless of where you’re in your case. 

Traffic Stop: It’s the very first step in a DUI arrest. Police, while talking to the driver, will look out for drunk driving signs, like:

  • Watery or red eyes;
  • Fumbling as you attempt to get the license out from your wallet.
  • Your admittance that you have had some drinks.

Roadside Tests...or Refusal: If, when speaking to you, the police detects sign of alcohol consumption, they have probable reason to test you. The cop can request you to take field sobriety test, while you can even refuse in most of the states.

DUI Arrest: Depending on the evidences the police officer collects (by chemical testing, observation, or other ways), you might be charged and arrested with DUI.

Court System: After you have been charged with a DUI, it is a great idea to contact us.

After Your Plea/Trial Bargain: It can be end of the DUI experience, but numerous people find that effects of DUI charge linger.

  • If you are not found guilty at trial, you are free to go easily.
  • If you enter plea bargain or convicted of a DUI, you might have to face results including jail time, fines, increased insurance rates, license suspension, and more.